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We Are Emperors

Sometimes forget. I live 110km from where I grew up, but I can hear my mom and dad's voice in a moment. I can key command google maps to find the distance from here to my old house even faster. I can turn on lights in the dark. Now. We don't have to worry about time anymore. But

September 27, 2013

Stick Shift

I have been weaning myself off of cruise control. I've got several stretches of boring road in my daily commute and common routes. It's so easy to be safe and legal when you peg it at 62mph in a 55 with the vigilant little speed robot somewhere under your hood managing the throttle. I never have to worry about spacing out and subconsciously reacting to the music; getting a ticket for speeding or g

May 23, 2013

CSS Architecture

The following is a brief summary of some excellent ideas put forward by this article. The goal is to approach your CSS design as rigorously as your other development, allowing for ease of reading, cross developer understanding, extensibility, and modularity. TODO: Update this post with some better ideas Tabbing out styles

May 21, 2013

Why I Throwww things

A couple of weeks ago I was bored on a Friday night so I went surfing on the internet. Little did I know that I’d catch a wave that would take me for a unexpected ride. I ended up on Throww and saw how incredibly simple and awesome the site design was. For grins I signed

May 10, 2013

This may be a replacement for Tumblr

I just wanted someplace to post thoughts and images that didn't try to suck me in to its content whirlpool. Twitter is too fast paced. Facebook is a terrible place to converse. Tumblr is just a toilet where you flush other people's ideas into your sewer. throwww It uses my favorite color scheme (green and white) It appeals to my simplicity aesthetic. I don't have to look at other

April 22, 2013

Introduction and Details

I wasn't sure what blog platform to use so I searched "minimalist blog," or something similar to that, and Throwww was a top result. My bedroom walls are bare excluding a poster that was a gift, my favorite grocery store, excluding Wegmans, is Aldi, and my idea of a good Friday night is staying home and watching a movie with a friend. Simple is good. I might write more extensively on my though

April 6, 2013

Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder about religious people... mostly christians. I wonder what goes through their brains and why they think that they are the only reason the earth exists and that it's their responsibility to limit society to some outdated rules that apply only to them. The earth has many creatures, not just humans. And yet god has chosen us to be who protects the earth from horrible things

March 31, 2013

a nice saying

"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people together to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea." — antoine de saint-expurery

March 4, 2013

What Startups can learn from Brighton's Best Burger Truck!

For those of you around Brighton, or if you've been stalking me, you might have noticed a place I check-in to every once in a while for lunch, called The Troll's Pantry. It is a burger truck in Brighton that serves the bes

March 1, 2013

Charlie Munger - A Lesson on Elementary, Worldly Wisdom

*Charlie Munger is the less-famous partner-in-crime of Warren Buffet, as well as Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway (which Buffet chairs). This 1994 address to USC entitled plainly titled, "A Lesson on Elementary, Worldly Wisdom As It Relates To Investment Management & Business" truly stands apart as perhaps one of the most practically helpful guides to investment and business I have ever encou

January 22, 2013

Micro vs. Macro Perspective

I think a lot of the world's problems come from the fact that we are, as a species, very poor at framing things against other things. There are multiple terms for this, including: zooming in vs. zooming out, being proactive vs. reactive, or having a micro vs. macro view of the world. For the purposes of this post, I'm going to be using the latter terminology. What do I mean by this? If you obse

January 8, 2013

Learn to pay

Ellis Hamburger writing for The Verge: Free apps are dangerous, yet free is the dominant business model most mobile apps are taking these days. The roadmap is simple: grow as quickly as possible, then insert ads of some kind or get acquired. For consumers it offers a crummy set of choices: either losing the countless hours you put

January 8, 2013

Some features I would recommend for Throwww

Just started using this platform and I already love it . Here is a list of features that I would love to see in the future. 1. A 'Trending' or 'Popular' page where users could discover the latest and the most cool posts at the moment I imagine it to be a bit like the front page of HN or Reddit. It would feature the best content created lately. 2. An option to export your posts to PDF

January 6, 2013

Corporations: Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game.

In a television show centered on playing with the stereotypes of modern America, Mr. Burns, of The Simpsons, takes on the caricature of the soulless capitalist elite. He has a stranglehold on the town's energy and capital, and in return the people of Springfield are mired into a hostile but dependent and sometimes exploitive relationship with him. Qui

January 6, 2013

Being Smart

A high school student posted the following question to Reddit. The answer he received was so good, I felt compelled to save in case our own son ever encountered similar difficulties. Question: *I'm a senior in high school this year, and will be graduating come June. I have had all A's throughout high school except for last year when I got my first B. If it weren't for that B, I would hav

September 14, 2012

My review of throwww

I think this is great. I love the concept and I find the design to be excellently clean and elegant. I could see this taking off potentially, although I am not sure how you would make money from it without ruining the 'blank page' appearance. One thing, I typed this review once already and then clicked Post with Twitter but my post disappeared after I logged on so I had to do it again...

September 8, 2012

My Review of Throwww

This is beautiful. Minimalist. Calm. Just me and a blank screen. No navigation bars, menubars, popups, buttons, colours. Just clean and simple. This of course is the appeal of throwww. Just you and the written word. No distractions. But wait... How do I emphasis characters? What about hyperlinks? How do people comment on my blog? What if I don't like the font? Well, I have

September 5, 2012

Why I Made Throwww

Blogging platforms are, as far as I know, too complicated for my needs. I like to write ideas and keep track of them somehow. I don't care about themes, widgets, or any kind of meaty personalization. I understand why a lot of people want a feature-rich blogging platform, but I don't. There's something beautiful to me in the purity of just a message. Some blogging platforms I tried in the past s

September 5, 2012